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Scars of my old age

Scars  of my old age

Asok Kumar

Translated by

(translated with eye filled with tears)

I am one of those very old   men of   seventy seven,
In whose  life   the rain  of love  has forgotten to wet ,
I live one month with each   of my four sons  ,
And in another four days  I have to go  to my last son.

I am counting  days   to go there because  ,
The dhothi presented  by my second daughter in law ,
During  last   deepavali  festival has  become torn and faded,
And the  spectacles bought by first son has   broken three  weeks back.

Since my third son is very short tempered   and miserly,
I have hidden my spectacles   and am tottering round the home,
I have   to get it changed  only through  my last daughter in law
And since there  are only  four more days  I  have another job.

After every one has gone to office    and school ,
I would have to   wash all  my cloths one by one,
Though there   is a washing machine in my son’s house,
My daughter  in law   has told me not to put  my dirty cloths in it.

Though old   and tottering   and though I find it  difficult to wash,
I never tell about it  to my son as my DIL  has forbidden me to do it.
So just like   a young child counting    working   days  of School,
Before the   vacation starts , I am counting days to visit my last DIL.

My last    son is not  as wealthy   as my other sons,
He does not own a house or car   and  any other such things,
He lives  in a rented house  and  both  have  mopeds 
IN which they   travel everywhere and do all their  jobs.

Whenever  I go to their home , my Dil   would come,
To receive me  and with great joy , i travel on her pillion,
And she   will be asking me  many questions   and I would answer,
By telling her everything  without  blaming   my other sons

Since she is smart   she will buy me rose  milk  on the way,
Since I like it very much   and find out   everything from me by constant nagging.
Ands as soon as  we reach home  , she will see  whether I have,
All the medicines  that i take and if not chide me,

When she sees that I have  purchased  her pet sweet,
She would laugh  and  I would have  fought with my wife,
That she had not  given a  daughter like her   to me ,
But unfortunately she has  left me alone and has  gone to God.

After four days   I reached   her place riding on a bus  ,
And she was waiting for me  as  was her  habit,
She got my bag from me  and made  me sit safely,
On her moped and asked me  several things

“Do they  not have time    to take   you for shaving ?
And even before  I could    tell some made up excuse ,
She took me to the saloon and afterwards   asked me,
What happened to my  specs  and frowned at me.

Just like a   child showing his   failed  report card ,
I showed my broken specs and without showing her  anger,
She took me   to a spectacle shop  and told  me ,
“Only for this  I always fight with you not to go from here”

She got a new specs   and opened my box, saw my cloths ,
And told  “Your cloths are clean that  means they made  you wash them”,
And when I laughed sheepishly  , she too laughed  with me  ,
And  I told her  that I am dizzy  and wanted to lean on her   and asked her.

She said,” Okay Be careful   and lean on me  “ and I actually   told a lie ,
So that  I could  to lean on her  who was  my daughter,
But not born to me  and for another  one month ,

Those scars of my old age would become  invisible in her teasing.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

My happiness is in my hands

My happiness  is in my hands


(I read this in Tamil in a post by  Madhavan Yengnanarayanan , who himself read  it  in a Whatsapp  message  ,Its original could be  in English but I likes the idea  very very much   and am putting it  in my own words, thanking whosoever  is the original author) 

There   was a   meeting  of several  married couples,
And the  one who presided  over that meeting  asked one lady,
“Does   your husband  make   you happy?”
And her husband   sitting near by  ,
Was waiting   with anxiety  to hear  her reply  of “yes”

But the lady said  “No” , and she    continued ,
“I  am leading my life   full of happiness ,
For   i  have not noticed   any problems in my life  ,
But one thing  is for sure , my happiness  is in my hands,
And no one  else  can or should   determine my happiness.”

“It is not my husband’s  job to make  me happy,
And I have never  entrusted  this job to him  till now,
And I would not entrust  it wih him in future   also.
I was alone  before my marriage  and I was happy ,
And even after  my marriage  I am living  with happiness.”

“I will not allow  my  income   to  make me happy,
Nor will I allow  my pain and pleasure   to make me happy,
I also would not allow   the people whom I  meet to do that,
And I take lot of care   that  my likes and dislikes ,
As well  as anger, jealousy   and pride, does not determine my happiness.”

“I  want my happiness to depend  only on me  and no one else”
And when she  completed  the answer  for some time  ,
There was deafening   silence   and suddenly   each  and every one ,
Stood up    and gave  her a  standing ovation     and they all told ,
“Had we been like   you  , in past , present and future , we would be with happiness.”

Friday, December 8, 2017

Thirunilai Perandavar and Angala Parameswari temple

Thirunilai Perandavar   and Angala Parameswari temple-Temple of Shiva in Human form

Compiled  by

 Thirunilai (Divine stable point)  is a temple near Thirukazhu kundram  in Tamil Nadu  where  Lord Shiva    is in the human form
  There  is a very interesting  story about this temple.
It seems there  was an asura called Sundarabhadra   who did Thapas , pleased Lord Shiva and got a boon from him saying that he should be killed  only in Lord Shiva in human form. Since Lord Shiva has only a divinf form he started terrorizing the  world as well as Devas. They they prayed to Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva   then called the Goddess Parameshwari and  ordered her to immediately start to the world  .When she did not respond, he cursed her to take birth as  a human being. Greatly upset she told the Lord that  since he was half of her, he also  would take a human form for 24  minutes sand loose your mind.  Lord Shiva became a human being  and started listlessly wander here and there  He was also followed by Nandi in human form
.Due to abscence of Lord Shiva the entire world was disturbed   and they prayed to the Goddess . Then she took the form of Angala  Parameswari and threw her Soola on to earth.It struck near a place near Thirukazhukundram and 21 mud(sand)  balls came out of the earth and became 21 bootha Ganas. Meanwhile Lord Shiva attracted  by the  light  of Soola came there   and stood in a stable human form there.The goddess  Requested him to become a God there   and  give boons of child birth  to people. Since he  was wandering as a huge human being  m, he was called   as Periya andavar(Big ruler)
     Time passed.One devotee and his wife who did not have children  came to Thirukazhukundram temple and were  observing penance to get a child. That night God came in their dream and requested them to come to Tirunilai    and worship him as Periyandavar and told them that he would guide them  in the form of a boar . Next day morning when they were  going round the Thirukazhukundram, they saw a boar. They followed the boar  , which went to the present location of the temple   and firmly stood there and disappeared and from that  place a Shiva  Linga  emerged, The couple were soon blessed  with a child and built a small temple and maintained it. God  Shiva is worshipped  in the temple as Periyandavar
     Just near the entrance there  is a Rudraksha tree   and below it Lord shiva  is  seen in the human form.  The Lord  is in the form of SWayambu Linga   in this temple  .Both sides of the linga there re  foot steps of the God and goddess . Along with him are  Goddess  Akhilandeswari as well as Goddess  Angala Parameswari(called as Thirunilai nayagi) . Seeing him outside the entrance is Vibhuthi Ganapathi   as well as Nandikeswara  in human form in the sixteen pillared happ you can see the lOrd  in the sitting human form surrounded by the 21 Bhootha Ganas  as well as Angala Parameswari, There are also temples for Dakshinamurthy   as well as  Ardha Nareeswara.  There is a sacred water   tank attached   to the temple   called  Sidhamrutha  theertham,
    The devotees   who came to the temple are  allowed to worship the God themselves, The speciality of the worship of the temple  is Abhisheka of the Lord with 21 mud balls. On Sunday evenings there is a special worship at the temple, ON every full moon day also there is special worship. Normal Shiva  frstivals   are celeberated. September 12th is  celebrated in a grand way as the consecration day.
   Couples who want children  tie a small stone in an turmeric cloth and tie it in the vilwa tree   at the temple .They also take bath in the sidhamrutha theertha   and light a   ghee lamp. It is mentioned that  “After taking a holy dip in the temple pond, Siddhamirdhakulam, they have to perform poojas and Abishekams in their own hands. Atleast for six weeks they have to continuously perform poojas in this manner. Afterwards to their surprise and wonder, they get a miraculous result.”

    There is a web site for the temple which mentions that   temple . It says that the old e temple was only recently rebuilt  . You can see a  video of the temple

The contact particulars are 
Mr. G. Egaseelan,
Aalaya Parambarai Nirvagi,
(Temple Trustee)
Periyandavar Temple
Thirunilai Village, Oragadam post,
Chengalpat Taluk.
Near Thirukkalukundram,
Kanchipuram District,
Pin 603 109
Cell No:  98427 40957
E Mail:

·        05:00 to 08:00 (All days of the week (Morning))
·        16:30 to 20:30 (All days of the week (Evening))

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Phone pe Dakshina

Phone  pe  Dakshina


(Based on what i read  in Tamil in a whatsapp   message)

Ramu had  to perform   a Sradha  ,
And when time came  to pay Dakshina ,
He remembered  that  he has not ,
Drawn    any money   for that  from ATM

With a sorry  face he told   the Vadhyar the fact,
But Vadhyar asked him  , Do you have Pay ATM ,
Or  Phone pe   or can you transfer   from cell phone,
And Ramu told him , cell phone  transfer is ok,
And Vadhyar   asked Ramu , whether  his phone ,
Is Water proof    and   Ramu said    Yes.

Vadhyar asked him to pay one rupee  ,
Tranfer   Dakshina    through cell phone ,
And then Keep   cell phone  on Thamboola plate  ,
And asked  Ramu’s wife  to  put a drop  of water on the phone
Said the manthras  “Hiranya  Garbha  Garbhastham..”

And then later  he returned  Ramu’s cell phone to him.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Made for each other but never agreed with each other

Made for each other but never agreed with each other


One TV channel   decided  to conduct ,
A made for  each other contest  ,
For the couples whio have already ,
Celebrated  their silver anniversary.

Hundreds of couples   came  for the contest,
But one couple   came there constantly quarrelling,
With the wife   shouting   at her husband ,
“Why are  you dragging  me here”

The orgainsers asked the   husband and wife,
Seperately  several questions and compared their views,
And found that  most of answers of very many couples.
Matched   to a   very remarkable   extent.

Out of them  one couple  made the audience,
Giving them standing ovation   as they,
Scored  one hundred   out of one hundred,
By giving    same answer to all   the questions.

The couple   who came fighting  to participate,
In the contest did not give even a   single same answer,
But the organisers called  that couple  along,
With the couple who scored  one hundred to the stage.

The couple   who had scored   had an arranged marriage  ,
Had four children  and had lived together   forty years ,
While   the couple who scored  one hundred marks,
Had been married  only    for twenty five  years.

The prize  of a new car was awarded  by the judge  to the couple,
Who never agreed  as he felt   that  ,
They have  done a great job by living yogether ,
For forty years  , without agreeing on anything.

 When the crowd  was about   to disperse  they all heard,
That wife shouting  at her husband  why he has not learnt driving,
And going round and round the car  and her husband  chasing her,
And then the wife told, “Do not follow me , you have arthritis  and  your legs will pain.”

They may differ   in each and every thing  but  they,
Both cared  for each other and loved  each other,
And  cannot  live  even for a  day  without  the other,

Especially   without  hearing  their  choice disagreements.

Her wishful wishes-a tamil poem

Her  wishful wishes-a tamil poem

அவள் விகடனில் வந்த ஒரு கவிதை.:-
A poem from Aval vIkatan

Translated by

This was a song popular and published in 2005,to welcome the New year, and holds good today also (From post of my friend Sri.Vasu Iyengar)

தண்ணீர் பஞ்சம் தொலைய வேண்டும்
தங்கம் விலை குறைய வேண்டும்
அழுகை இல்லா சீரியல் வேண்டும்
அழாமல் பிள்ளை சாப்பிட வேண்டும்

The scarcity   to water  should end ,
The prices  of God should come down,
Tv Serials  without tears  should be shown,
The children should take  food without crying.

வாரா வாரம் அவுட்டிங் வேண்டும்
வஞ்சனை இல்லா ஷாப்பிங் வேண்டும்
சண்டை போடாத சர்வன்ட் வேண்டும்
சமையலில் உதவும் ஹஸ்பண்ட் வேண்டும்

Every week we should  go for a pleasure trip,
WE should be able to do shopping  as much as we want,
We should have servants     who do not fight ,
Husband should help   us   in kitchen

வாக்கிங் இன்றி மெலிய வேண்டும்
வல்கர் சினிமா ஒழிய வேண்டும்
தொடர்பு விட்ட தோழிகள் வேண்டும்
தொல்லை தராத சொந்தங்கள் வேண்டும்

WE should become thin without walking,
There should not be  any vulgar  cinema,
WE should have lady friends without connections,
WE should have  relatives  who should not trouble

மயக்கம் இல்லாத மசக்கை வேண்டும்
மதியம் குட்டித் தூக்கம் வேண்டும்
மளிகைச் செலவு குறைய வேண்டும்
மாசக் கடைசியிலும் மகிழ்ச்சி வேண்டும்

WE should be in family  way without nausea,
WE should be able   to take a  short nap at noon,
The bills for groceries  should come down,
WE should have happiness  ebven at month end,

வேண்டும் வேண்டும் இறைவா--என்
ஏக்கங்கள் எல்லாம் தீர்ப்பாயா
புன்னகை ததும்பும் வாழ்வை--நீ
புத்தாண்டு வரமாய் சேர்ப்பாயா!

Oh God we want, we want,
Would you bring an end to all  our problems,
Oh God  please  give a new year gift ,
Of a life   filled with a smile.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Good morning and congrats Friend

Good morning and congrats Friend

(Dedicated to a goddess Saraswathi in human form,
Who dreamt and has made her dream in to realty –
May God continue to bless her.)


In a forsaken corner Of Tamil Nadu ,
There existed an old temple of learning ,
In a little village called Pushpagiri ,
Which was run by the government.

This school which was supposed ,
To house little darlings with great dreams ,
Of the village, who wanted to learn,
But  had a dilapidated building with asbestos roof.

About sixteen years back in to this school,
Walked a shy lady called Meena Rajan,
Who thought that her world was filled ,
With her friends and she addressed them as “THozha(pal)”
And she felt sad that the condition of this temple was bad,

And she told all the villagers, poor as well as rich.
That this temple should be rebuilt in such a way,
That their little treasures should be safe and study well.
And  be  equipped   with  modern gadjets   and efficient teachers

 They all were with her and gave  her all that they could afford ,
To make their own school a great place of the village ,
Including land , free help and labour and the teacher great  
Was extremely thankful to all her Thozhas.

But she knew that there was a need formuch more,
So that the school which daily appeared in her dreams,
Took real shape and without any hesitation or self esteem,
 She approached individuals and friends-Her thozhas.

All of them were astounded by the greatness of her dream,
And did all that they could and the dream has become real today,
And is going to be opened on twelfth and thirteenth of December,
And those dreaming children of the village of flower mountain are waiting breathlessly,

To   see their great  modern temple  is opened  for them.